Coutts Quarter Ton Cup 2010 – Day 2 – Race Three Results

Here are the provisional top five finishers in race three:-

1st   GBR 506R    Anchor Challenge

2nd   GBR 8414    Aguila

3rd   ESP 3090     Cote

4th   IRL 999999  Tiger

5th   GBR 50R      Espada

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2 Responses to Coutts Quarter Ton Cup 2010 – Day 2 – Race Three Results

  1. Guy Mayger says:

    Ooh, what happened to Bullet and Whiskers?
    Expect I’ll get a tales of woe txt later today!

    • fionabrown says:

      Hi Guy – sorry for the slow results. We had some technical problems but finally all sorted. We were late off the water and its the Gala Dinner tonight so the press release will be slightly delayed so we can include news from the dinner. Whiskers has a rotten start to the day as a) they were OCS and b) their jib track flew off the deck. Fortunately all rapidly sorted and they were able to complete the other three races. Bullet just had one of those days where luck wasn’t on their side. It was incredibly shifty and difficult conditions and as Henry said – when ever he found a lane he wanted to drop into someone else got there seconds before them and they were constantly on the back foot. It was definitely a day when you needed luck on your side. Release out in about an hour with luck. Thanks. Fi

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