A Few Snippets To Entertain You Post Coutts Quarter Ton Cup

Anchor Challenge’s Nickname

At the Gala Dinner on Tuesday night Louise Morton revealed to the assembled sailors that she and her all girl crew aboard Espada have a nickname of Morty and his boys on Anchor Challenge.  Much to Morty’s mortification (sorry – couldn’t resist) the girls know the boat as “Utterly Butterly” (for those not based in the UK Utterly Butterly is a well known brand of butter substitute).

Is Upgrading Your Boat Worth It?

I bumped into Roger Swinney, who had been sailing his newly acquired 1986 McIlraith Innuendo, just after racing yesterday afternoon and he was telling me about how they’d been getting to grips with sailing their new toy and how much they’d enjoyed the regatta.  They are loving the new boat but there’s plenty of work to do on her this winter to get her sorted.  Roger mentioned that originally she had a short “bowsprit” to which the jib was tacked and with this removed but no other changes to the sail plan she currently had huge weather helm (Roger will be booking a physio appointment this morning to work the knots out of his shoulders I believe).  They’d also been getting to grips with sailing a boat with runners again and with how crowded that made the cockpit in manoeuvres.  He couldn’t help but note, with a wry smile on his face, that out of nine races this week their old boat Ayanami,being sailed by Peter Dickson, had beaten them eight  times and that on the one race where they did beat Ayanami it was by just 9 seconds.  By Roger’s calculations, since they paid around £9,000 for the new boat, that those nine seconds had effectively cost them £1,000 each!

Passport?  What passport?

Now that all the teams are safely home again we can tell you a funny story that happened to one of the overseas teams on their way to the regatta.  The team, who must remain nameless, got to the ferry port all ready to board the ferry with the boat on the trailer and the crew in the car.  As they approached the check-in point the skipper asked the crew to produce their passports.  Everyone rummaged in their bags and handed over their documents with the exception of their bowman who was forced to admit that he’d left his passport at home (several hours drive away).  As we all know, Quarter Ton sailors are resourceful types and the boys weren’t going to let a little thing like this put them off their stride so they drove out of the ferry port and around to the marina, paid the crane driver a back hander and got him to launch off the boat right way.  Half an hour later they were under sail to Cowes, arriving just in time to complete registration.  Now that’s what we call the Quarter Ton Spirit!

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