More Photos From Coutts Quarter Ton Cup

We were really thrilled to see so many photographers out on the water over the weekend.  The Quarter Tonners are always reliable material for the photographers (particularly on a breezy day) and there are some great shots out there.  Here is a list of the photographer’s we know have pictures from the event (if you are a photographer and were out there and would like us to add your details to this list please e-mail me at  Please remember that it can take a day or two after the event for the photographers to process their photos and upload them to their websites so if you don’t see the images immediately please check back again later.

Paul Wyeth (who produced the shots used in our daily press releases)


Fiona Brown (my day 3 stuff is just uploading now and will be available to download shortly)

Hamo Thornycroft

Ingrid Abery

Mike Austen (who took the amazing shots of Anchor Challenge broaching)

Rick Tomlinson

Richard Hampson (who was out in the press RIB with me every day of the regatta)

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