Race 3 provisional results….

Provisional corrected time results:

1 st Espada

2nd Agulia

3rd Whiskers

4th Cote

5th Odd Job

6th Tiger

7th Anchor Challenge

8th Full Circle

9th Blackfun

10th Great bear IV

11= Panic

11= Phoenix

13 Alice II

14 Love in a Mist

15 45 South

16= Purple Haze

16= Lancelot

18 Flasheart

19 Diamond

20 Runaway Bus

21 Bullit

22 Murphy’s Law

23 Illegal Immigrant

24 Catch me!

25 Pinguin Play Boy

26 Olivia Anne VI

27 Hazard

28 Rum Bleu

29 Ragtime 2

30 Hannah J


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