Provisional Corinthian Division Overall Results

1st Tiger O’Brien, Kenefick, Kenefick 9 Points

2nd Runaway Bus Paul Kelsey 32

3rd Illegal Immigrant Willy McNeill & Mike Pascall 37

4th 45 South Laurent Beaurin  37

5th Lancelot  Matt Clark & Tony Thackray 37

6th Olivia Anne VI Jan Thirkettle 49

7th Pinguin Playboy Pierre Paris 50

8th Love in a Mist Eric & Phillip Williams 51

9th Catch Me! Guy Pronier 57

10th Bullit Dmitry Borodin 62

11 Hazard P. Mountain & A Greensmith 79

12 Ragtime 2 Tony Newberry 94.5

13 Rum Bleu Lucy Wood 98.5

14 Hannah J Richard Johnson & Sarah Lyle 111

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