Good Morning Coutts Quarter Ton Cup Fans!

Good morning all.  Its 08.30 on the final day of the 2012 Coutts Quarter Ton Cup and we have several facts we can report this morning.

1.  The Coutts Quarter Ton Cup Gala Dinner was a resounding success.  Sadly we are not permitted to report full details from the event under the overriding Quarter Ton Rule that “What goes on tour stays on tour.”  However, I don’t think we would be revealing too much to confirm that Brian Thompson gave a fantastic after dinner speech.  Morty presented some special awards for exceptional contributions to the class including a special achievement award to the legend that is Led Pritchard for a keel project so extraordinary that it must remain a closely guarded class secret (suffice it to say that the keel in question is still attached to part of the bottom of the boat in the yard in Hamble and the story involved a lot of heavy cutting gear and the use of an off-road vehicle).  Those of you who know Led should ask him for the details next time you see him!

2.  This morning is overcast again and the overnight fog is still hanging around a little so we can’t see the mainland but the good news is that Bramblemet is giving us about 8 knots from the WSW and the forecast is reasonable so we have every chance of more good racing.

3.  We have three more races possible today with a latest warning signal time of 14.30.  A quick look at the overall results will show you that the regatta is incredibly close so its going to be a cracking final day.

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